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Welcome to Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic

Take Your Pet to a Caring Los Angeles Veterinarian

At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic in Los Angeles, CA, we believe that preventative care is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy. Preventative care improves your pet's quality of life and helps your pet avoid life threatening or quality of life decreasing conditions. Below are just a few of the preventative services we offer.

Pet vaccinations. Pets need routine vaccinations to help them avoid common deadly diseases. Our veterinarians will advise you about which vaccinations are necessary and will keep track of your pet's vaccination schedule.

Pet dental services. Your pet needs dental services just as much as you do. At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, we administer regular teeth cleanings and also treat your pet's dental conditions. We fill cavities and perform tooth extractions when necessary, so your pet can live free of dental pain.

Nutritional and weight advice. Our nutritional and weight management advice can help you keep your pet at a healthy weight, so your pet can avoid some of the problems associated with obesity later in life.

Spaying and Neutering Services for Pets

Spaying or neutering your pet helps prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and keeps animals out of shelters. Spaying or neutering your pet can also help control your pet's behaviors and can help your pet avoid diseases relating to the reproductive system. At Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic, we strongly encourage all our patients to spay and neuter their pets at a young age so their pets will reap the benefits. Our spaying and neutering services are safe for pets and the recovery time is quick.


Up to 1 in 3 pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime, and many of those that do are never found. If you're like many pet owners, your pet is an invaluable part of your family. Losing a pet can be devastating.. Microchipping makes it easier to find your pet if he or she becomes lost.

Our microchipping services are simple and safe for your pet. Our veterinarians will simply inject a microchip into your pet's body in the same way that we would administer a vaccination. That microchip can be read in a scanner at any veterinarian's office, so if your pet is ever lost, the microchip will tell the vet who your pet is, leading your pet back to you.

Exotic Pet Care

It can be hard to find a veterinarian capable of caring for your exotic pet. Our veterinarians have experience with all manner of exotic pets, so you can rest assured that your pet will get the kind of care he or she needs in order to be safe and healthy.

If you're in search of a Los Angeles Veterinarian, make an appointment at our Los Angeles Veterinary Clinic today. Our caring staff and veterinarian professionals are ready and happy to care for your pet today.


We are happy to welcome Dr. Nancy Park, a specialist in Opthamology for pets, to Hancock Park Vet. Please see her page for more information!