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We are constantly told our entire lives "take care of your teeth or they'll fall out and they're the only ones you've got!" We all remember that (: Well the same stands true for your pet! Their teeth need regular care and maintenance just like ours do. When we don't take care of our teeth (ie, regular brushing and regular checkups and cleanings) our teeth become worn, dirty and plaque builds up and bad breath begins to settle in. Left without enough care, infections build and spread to our gums (and to more internal and dangerous regions!) our teeth become brittle, and before you know it you need FAR more than a regular cleaning..... Well.... the same goes for our beloved pets. Regular care and regular cleanings can prevent infections, bad breath and keep your dog from losing all their teeth!

It is advised to do thorough cleanings at least every 6 months; a service your local veterinarian can provide! Hancock Park Veterinary Clinic provides both anesthesia and anesthesia free cleaning. Annie Wolf, our Pet Dental Nurse (PDN) is able to do a thorough cleaning of your pets mouth without the need of going under anesthesia (a great option for older and sick pets). Annie takes your pet, bundle him or her firmly, but gently, with a towel in what we all love to call "a burrito", and clean away!

We also offer Dentals with anesthesia on any day we have surgeries. What's the difference? With a dental under anesthesia it is your veterinarian that carries out the cleaning and is often a much deeper clean. Anesthesia dental's are also for those pets who have too much plaque build up, and it allows for decaying, loose or otherwise damaged teeth to be extracted.

How do you know which your pet needs? Set up an appointment with your veterinarian. Have him/her check your pets teeth prior to the dental. You may qualify for the anesthesia free dental (or it may be what is necessary due to the pets health), or your pet may be in need of a full anesthetic dental where extractions may be involved. Sometimes your pet may need to be placed on antibiotics a few days before we can do the procedure.

The best way to find out is to make an appointment to see your vet!!

Remember!! Don't under estimate the importance of caring for your pets teeth... if neglected, in the end it could mean the difference between life and death for your pet.

Pet Dental Nurse

PDN is held at our clinic twice a month. 

An appointment with a veterinarian is necessary prior to any sort of dental cleaning to assess your pets teeth and determine whether a full anesthetic dental is needed or if you qualify for PDN.

A $50 Deposit is required for all PDN appointments. Any cancelations must be made 24hrs prior or the deposit is forfeit, otherwise the deposit is put towards the final charge of $180 for the dental.

Please check out her website to become a little more familiar with our favorite non-anesthetic dentist, Annie Wolf (:



Call us to acquire an estimate for a full anesthetic dental. Please bear in mind that an estimate is not a final say in your bill; pricing may vary depending on what your pet needs, if there are any extractions and what antibiotics your pet may have to go home with. Bringing your pet in for an exam can help us better compose an estimate to fit your pets needs.