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Starting in May 2016, Dr Fernandez is back seeing patients 3 days per week!

Born in a small town near Scranton PA and moved to L.A. with family at age 13, so essentially I'm a CA girl now with east coast quirks.  For schooling I attended SMC, then UCLA undergrad - majored in bio with pre-vet focus; then Cornell vet school. During undergrad I did bird banding in the SM Mts and at UCLA a research project on the stress effects of human traffic on wild birds in the SM and L.A. Mts.  

During vet school I did a research project in Cape Cod on the effects of an oil spill on terns colonies.  Though it was not consciously my intent to focus on birds, I do find wild birds in their native habitat extremely interesting and they have become very close to my heart.  I do not, however, have much experience with captive birds. Though I am willing to learn, at this time I usually refer them to exotic specialists.  I still enjoy bird watching and am seriously considering starting a life list of birds seen and possibly beginning to travel to seek out different species. 

 Hobbies I love are hiking, camping, sewing, book club, brunch club, trying to keep up with my son (even though he is now a teen and too cool to hang out with his mom), visiting friends and family, travel. My son and I have also enjoyed Sequoia, Yosemite, Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics and other small excursions.